Strategy, Creative Concept, Copy, Campaign

Go Getters

Team members
Ielse Reinders, Dimitri Nadorp, Pastrami Film Co.

Go Get Work, Go Get Paid, Go Get Skills

Go Getters is an employment agency for promotors that recruit donors and sponsors for a good cause. Moxie developed a marketing strategy and campaign to reach and attract Go Getters’ target audience: Gen Z. With some compelling content and messaging, we were able to generate over 1000 quality leads, a.k.a. 1000 would-be Go Getters, in 3 months’ time.

Go Getters makes it possible for charities to increase their impact, while offering valuable learning and work experiences to students and young adults.

Making money, developing skills and contributing to a better world. That's Go Getters!


“Moxie has helped Go Getters tremendously with the development of awareness and lead generation campaigns. Thanks to their expertise and insight, we were able to draw the attention of a young target group in an appealing way. We have come to know Moxie as a professional marketing agency that achieves impressive results quickly.”

Rudolph Strickwold, Commercial Director at Go Getters