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Blossom Bolweg, Ielse Reinders, Tijs Luitse, Renze ten Cate

The carbon ecosystem specialist

Sinkit is on a mission to restore the carbon cycle and stabilize our climate by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Together with our partners, we develop and accelerate natural and technological carbon removal solutions. We help companies and individuals achieve net zero with transparent and traceable carbon offsets, and we raise awareness on the need for carbon removal.

We have thrown the Earth’s carbon cycle out of balance

The excessive burning of fossil fuels has thrown the Earth’s carbon cycle out of balance. We add carbon to the air faster than the planet’s sinks can absorb it. If atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise, we risk global warming irreversibly changing the world as we know it.


Partly burnt biomass is added to soils absorbing additional carbon.

Blue Carbon

Using the natural carbon cycle of the ocean and increasing its sinking potential.


Plants turn CO2 into biomass that fuel power plants. Carbon captured and stored underground.


Crushed minerals are applied to soil for chemical CO2 absorption.

"A great experience with an even better result"

"The moxie team was a pleasure to work with: creative, proactive and adaptive. Moxie supported Sinkit with the development of our brand strategy and identity, and the realization of the website. Overall, it was a great experience with an even better result. It's time to Sinkit!"

Joost Brinkman, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Sinkit