Strategy, Marketing, Design

Brain Balance by Charlotte Labee

Team members
Ielse Reinders, Alissa van Beek, Robert van Noort, Rutger Siemonsma, John Buise

Our brain is our most powerful tool

As a Brain Balance Expert, Charlotte Labee wants to help as many people as possible—young and old—to improve their brain health and achieve brain balance. She believes these are key ingredients for a healthier and happier life. By balancing ourselves first and understanding how our brain works, we can all start to contribute towards building a healthier, more balanced society.

A creative partnership

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Charlotte since the start of her company. The Brain Balance community has grow exponentially over the years. Charlotte positively influences many lives each day by promoting brain health and mental wellbeing through her books, events, brain balance academy, coaching business, supplements and social media. As a creative partner, we’ve helped Charlotte with her marketing strategy, product propositions, creative concept development and design. A part of that was designing her Brain Food books and Brain Balance Journal series, which are showcased one this page.

"Moxie's team is very creative"

“Moxie’s team is very creative, they always put something extra in their work and designs. They are original and enthusiastic, and always want to deliver the best results. The concepts and designs for my books are great. Perfect even. It has led to many happy customers and it contributes to the growth of our Brain Balance community!”

Charlotte Labee, CEO & Founder of Brain Balance B.V.